Gen. Zamani Lekwot (rtd)

A retired military General and the former Governor of Rivers State, General Zamani Lekwot, an indigene of Zangon Kataf Local Government of Kaduna State, has said that the people of Southern Kaduna will no longer be deterred from development and progress because God is on their side.

​He made this assertion on Wednesday 30th September, 2020 at the innauguration of Southern Kaduna Peoples Empowerment Foundation (SKPEF).

​SKPEF was headed by the leader of the Throneroom Ministry, Kafanchan,  Apostle Emmanuel Kure.

​In his words, Lekwot said “I think God has woken us up from our sleep and I pray that you remain focussed. There are some people somewhere who don’t want SOKAPU to succeed. So, you and your team should guide your loins.”

​“When I was chairman of the Board of Trustees of SOKAPU over 10 years ago, I thought about the idea of this foundation.

​“This is an idea whose time has come and nobody can stop it. This foundation is to beam a powerful torch on the plight of our people and bring development in our communities.

​“The time has come for us to rise up and rescue our people out of obscurity. The foundation should make transparency and accountability its watchword. This is because our detractors will be looking for loopholes against us,” he said.

​“My father told me the original names of the Communities which have been changed today.”

​“There are also people who want to colonise us and they want to change history. They change the names of our chiefdoms and imposed other names. We have to protect our land and history”.

​“They have changed the names of our lands and want to impose a history, but God has helped us today. The time has come to effect an effective change and defend our land and our people.

              Hon. Jonathan Asake

​SOKAPU President, Jonathan Asake  said on the occasion  that “when we came into office, people were speculating that SOKAPU will be in disarray and its election will not hold because SOKAPU was not registered and that SOKAPU was more of a political organization.”

​“But, we knew that it was our detractors that were going all about with the propaganda. SOKAPU is a socio-cultural organization and also, just like any other association, under a constitution.

​“So, we decided to have an NGO that can approach donor agencies, registered with a legal entity and we came about this NGO as a body that is being inaugurated today.

               Apostle Emmanuel Kure

​Apostle Emmanuel Kure, the current Chairman of SKPEF in adding voice to the progressive submissions of others said that, if the government is  not prepared for development in  Southern Kaduna, they will  self  develop Southern Kaduna.

​“We are set to give Southern Kaduna a new outlook with the inauguration of this Foundation. With this history made today, many fathers of SOKAPU who have died will lift their eyes and rejoice for this act of history by SOKAPU.”

​“This raises hope and it also indicates that we are beginning to think outside the box.

​“And it also means we are beginning to deviate from just activism to putting our heads together to usher in development and rescue our people. For us, this is a great milestone and challenge.”

​Source: Vanguard

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