Following the undying desire to ensure that content creators have direct benefit of their intellectual property, 

has been launched to handle online marketing of digital content in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire universe.

According to the management of the store, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Mr Dauda Hosea called on the global audience to take advantage of the promo window to upload their songs, videos and Books on the digital store.

He said that within the period of the ongoing promo, a monthly subscription of 1200 Naira is a sure quarantee for the upload of  unlimited volume of their content to reach the digital world.

Mr Dauda added that the store has all the security features needed to guatantee the safety of every financial transaction with the company.

In his words " we are more concerned about our subscribers that is why we are using one of the best internet security outfits to run our systems. Our subscribers are at liberty to fix the prices of their content. I urge musicians, authors, comedians, actors, Pastors and Imams to use the store to reach the world"

When asked by the media on how content creators can benefit, he added " Every content on our platform has a price tag attached to it except if the subscriber intends to reach his target market with free content. 

" The first step is to create an account, then subscribe and begin to upload your music, videos or books"


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