Innoson motors an indiginous car manufacturing company in Nigeria has intensified every effort in electric car (EVs) manufacturing in the face of challenging fuel price hike due to the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria.

Though the company has long joined the league of global companies that have excelled in the electric car manufacturing emerging technologies. Presently in its kitty are different brands of vehicles for different purposes. This has given the company global recognition in the industry.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and their potential to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Innoson Motors, a Nigerian automobile manufacturer, has also started producing electric vehicles, which could have a significant impact on the Nigerian economy.

Firstly, the high price of fuel in Nigeria has been a major challenge for the country's economy, particularly as fuel subsidies have been removed. This has led to higher prices for transportation and other goods and services, which has had a ripple effect on the entire economy. The use of EVs, which are powered by electricity, could help to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels and provide a more stable and predictable source of energy.

Secondly, the production of EVs by Innoson Motors can also create new jobs and stimulate economic growth. The development of a new industry around EVs could provide employment opportunities for Nigerians, both in the manufacturing and servicing of the vehicles, as well as in the development of new technologies and infrastructure to support their use.

Thirdly, the use of EVs can also have a positive impact on the environment. Nigeria is one of the most polluted countries in the world, with high levels of air pollution in many cities. The use of electric vehicles, which produce zero emissions, could help to improve air quality and reduce the negative health impacts associated with pollution.

Lastly, the adoption of 21st century technology, such as EVs, is crucial for Nigeria to remain competitive in the global economy. As other countries around the world shift towards cleaner and more sustainable forms of transportation, Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind. By embracing new technologies, such as EVs, Nigeria can position itself as a leader in the development and deployment of sustainable technologies.

The development of EVs by Innoson Motors is a positive step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for Nigeria. The adoption of these vehicles can help to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels, create new jobs and stimulate economic growth, improve air quality, and position Nigeria as a leader in the adoption of sustainable technologies. It is important for everyone to start thinking about 21st century technology and the role it can play in shaping a better future for Nigeria and the world.

Presently in the industry, Innoson motors has calved a niche for itself and on display are various brand of cars, buses, military equipments, official Government vehicles, tricycles etc. This is the best way  an African company can take to provide solutions to its teaming populace who are in need of succour from the Government.

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