The Arewa Gospel Music Ministers Initiative (AGOMMI) has announced to the general public that it is set to hold yet another mind blowing convention for the Arewa Gospel music Ministers in Abuja.
The National President of AGOMMI Uncle Sam announced this when he was interviewed by a popular online blog. In response to infoengineblog that has been following up with the unprecedented growth of AGOMMI within the four years of its existence said that AGOMMI has come to stay in the gospel music ministry.

Uncle Sam (AGOMMI president worldwide)

The AGOMMI president told our correspondent that conventions of this magnitude were common with well organized bodies. He said AGOMMI from inception has been matching words to action in 

implementing it's vision and mission " AGOMMI has come to stay in the gospel music ministry. Our impact is already global but I can tell you that, we've not started tapping our immense potentials. We have many talented musicians in the North and we will stop at nothing to give them the platform to showcase what God has deposited in them. We as a body are determined to take the gospel to the hinterland through music". " We realised that there are sections of this country that are facing intense persecution because of their faith in Christ and the simplest way to reach out to such places is through music. We know that there are equally those demarketing Christianity because of the junk they are chunning out in the name of the gospel. We are set to change the narrative through music.
Dauda Hosea aka Mr President (General Secretary)

The General Secretary of AGOMMI Mr Hosea Dauda who was on hand to respond to questions, told infoengineblog that they preach peace and tolerance in all their functions " we are very concern with the peaceful coexistence of people of different faith. 

We preach Jesus through music and we have brokered unity with musicians who we don't share the same faith".
The President of AGOMMI in responding to infoengineblog on the schedule for the program he said " The program is slated for 14th  and 15th of October, 2023 at ERRC vision Assembly, Nyanya, Abuja by 9am on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

The Vice President of AGOMMI Prince Victor in responding to infoengineblog on the measures taken in terms of securing the venue of the program, he reassured Nigerians that the venue will be well secured " we have taken measures to secure the environment". " It promises to be a wonderful occasion. At the program there will be seminars, music and Ultimately solid sermons from fire brand men of God"

                                          Prince Victor Ibrahim (Vice President)

The grand patron of AGOMMI Supol Abel Kaburu equally informed infoengineblog that the Sunday program was designed for fund raising for AGOMMI TV project

 " we are determined to establish  AGOMMI TV and run it on 24hrs basis. 

Our mission is to reach the world with the gospel through music so having our TV channel will be an added advantage for us in achieving our vision".

                                     Supol Abel Kaburu (Grand patron)

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